Episode 37

PGP Fundamentals: How to Discover Fellowship Opportunities

We continue our series on fellowships discussing ways to discover and connect with fellowship opportunities with a focus of online search tools.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. ACCP Directory of Residencies, Fellowships & Graduate Programs has a search function to discover fellowships and other post-graduate training opportunities besides residencies. The focus of the fellowships in this tool tend to be academic or research-focused fellowships. Click the link HERE to learn more.
  2. IPhO Fellowship Catalog also has a search function once you create a guest account to discover fellowship opportunities in industry. There are also many more features available if you become a full member. Click the link HERE to learn more.

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  1. American College of Clinical Pharmacy Directory of Residencies, Fellowships, & Graduate Programs: https://www.accp.com/resandfel/search.aspx
  2. Industry Pharmacists Organization Fellowship Catalog: https://www.industrypharmacist.org/catalog_fellowship.php

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