Episode 44

Personnel Placement Service (PPS)

In this episode we bring in the experts Brad Pierson, senior director at CareerPharm, and Jessie Hipple Rosario, student forum director at ASHP to talk about Personnel Placement Service (PPS) that occurs annually at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. PPS is essentially a massive job fair in which you can schedule one on one interviews with employers, except only those who sign up for PPS can get access. PPS is very popular with PGY1 residents seeking PGY2's or career positions, but it can also be beneficial for student pharmacists wanting select experiences.

Questions we discuss on this episode:

  1. What is PPS?
  2. What can you expect at PPS?
  3. What are the benefits of PPS for a student pharmacist?
  4. What are the benefits of PPS for residents and graduates?
  5. How do you sign up for PPS and what can you expect?
  6. Who should sign-up for PPS?
  7. When can you sign-up?
  8. How does the PPS interface work and who can reach out to who about interviews?
  9. How should a candidate best prepare for PPS?
  10. Where can you find more information about PPS?

This episode's take-aways:

  1. PPS condenses the travel and time it takes to interview at multiple places into one convenient location.
  2. The earlier you sign-up the more time you will have to prepare your materials that employers will see
  3. Students wanting a general PGY1 residency may not get much benefit out of PPS; however, it may be beneficial to residents wanting combined PGY1 & PGY2 programs, administrative programs, or industry fellowships to name a few.
  4. When scheduling interviews, give yourself at least 30 minutes between interviews to travel and prepare for the next interview.
  5. Do your research and prepare questions to ask the program you are interviewing at.

What should you do now?

  1. Check out the PPS website
  2. Check out the PPS Tips and Tricks
  3. Consider signing up for PPS and start doing your research.


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